About Me 🤔

Hello, my name is Ibrahim. You can call me Ibo if you like. I was born in Konya, Turkey in 2005. I am actively interested in software.

With my passion and dedication to the world of IT, I started to be interested in software from an early age. Throughout my education life, technology courses have been my favorite, and I have continuously developed with my deep interest in this field.

After stepping into corporate business life, I have taken great steps towards becoming an effective team member. I have a collaborative nature and adapt quickly to team dynamics. I prioritize success both in projects and within the team.

My curiosity and excitement have always led me to discover new information. My desire to be innovative has fueled my passion for discovering new technologies and experiencing them as the first user.

I respect my teammates and focus on achieving higher goals together by maintaining positive energy. A solution-oriented approach to problems is key for me.

With advanced technical knowledge and strong communication skills, I am ready to work effectively and efficiently on every project.

After I started developing projects with Node Js, I developed many frontend and backend projects. I am doing research on how to improve myself every day.

I was recently introduced to the javascript runtime Deno and was very interested in it. I continued to make projects with Deno and now, thanks to Deno, I became interested in Rust language and started to learn it.